Good Morning Friends-
This time of year always brings about a certain shift in energy and this one has been no different. The changes in the air and all around have been engaging, uprooting and unnerving to say the least.

Lately, sitting still, much less lying still, has been challenging as the feelings of restlessness seep in. This morning, despite the fog of sleeplessness, I peeled away the warm covers and laced up my running sneakers. Lacing up my sneakers feels the same as unrolling my mat to prepare for practice- I don’t always want to do it but it’s always necessary. I didn’t want to run, but I did want to run far away from my brain. So, I ran. As the weariness burned off and the warmth of breath and action smoothed out my gait, I was able to put attention towards the rise and fall of the landscape and the adjustments in kind made in mind, breath and body. As the seconds shifted into minutes, so to did the agitation in my brain transpose into calm. The focus towards things seemingly elementary shifted the tiles of a busy mind from a jumbled mess into peaceful order. My steps slowed and I found that my run had brought me back home- this time ready to approach the day in a clearer way. Practice takes many forms. The desire to run away transformed with time, breath, focus and movement, towards the possibility to clear the field to find the next right action.

Yoga is a way of moving into stillness in order to experience the truth of who you are. The practice of yoga is the practice of meditation-or inner listening-in the poses and meditations, as well as all day long. It’s a matter of listening inwardly for guidance all the time, and then daring enough and trusting enough to do as you are prompted to do.-Erich Schiffmann

We encourage you to pay attention to what you feel you want to run away from. Often it is the the call to your inner warrior to remember to remember the way home.

Join us as we trace and retrace our ways back home.

With love always-
Sharon and your TYC Tribe