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I had previously dabbled in yoga classes

I had previously dabbled in yoga classes, but TYC has helped me get more consistent in my practice, and I now attend classes twice a week without fail. The studios I tried before left me feeling uninspired, and I had trouble finding a class that gave me the combination of stretching and strengthening that I desired. I am an avid jogger and I commute by bicycle, so I was looking for an activity that would challenge me in other ways. Yoga has helped me with my running and cycling. I find TYC community to be kind and welcoming, and I have really enjoyed the transition to Zoom classes. It is not the same as experiencing a class in the studio, but as a working mom, the early morning…   ~ Liz K

I’ve practiced yoga for many years

I’ve practiced yoga for many years, and have enjoyed taking classes at The Yoga Collaborative on visits to friends in Falmouth. The staff at The Yoga Collaborative have always been very welcoming and friendly, and it’s a pleasure to practice in the beautiful studio. One bonus of the pandemic is that classes are now held on Zoom and I can join from anywhere!   ~ Karen W

My partner and I moved to Falmouth last year from Boston

My partner and I moved to Falmouth last year from Boston and it was really important to me to find another studio where I could continue my practice and stay active within a new yoga community. The Yoga Collaborative offered me a new home with open arms to practice. All the instructors and students have been engaging and inviting allowing me to find a new community where I am supported and challenged in my practice. The variety of classes and workshops has also allowed me to delve deeper into different practices. I can find a class that meets my needs for how I feel on a certain day and also have the space to adapt during class without judgement which is critical in having a meaningful yoga practice.   ~ Megan M

The Yoga Collaborative helped me start a yoga practice

The Yoga Collaborative helped me start a yoga practice. I found it a welcoming place where I felt comfortable from the first visit. There are lots of options. As an older beginning student I found exactly what I wanted— a way to begin, grow and advance at my own pace and in my own way. The quality of the instruction is excellent! I feel I’ve gotten individual attention, which I think is very rare in group classes. The work that the Collaborative put into the transition to online classes is remarkable and inspiring and supported our whole community.   ~ Kathy F

I have found a class almost every day

For me, TYC, has been a very important connection in continuing my practice , mentally, physically, and spiritually. During this time of Covid 19 , I have found a class almost every day to fit my needs in my own home!! I am a Connecticut resident and I am able to zoom in from anywhere. I thank the Universe for sending and making this gift of TYC possible. Thank you yogis!!   ~ Lee C

A seasonal Catuamet resident…

I am a seasonal Cataumet resident and, in addition to being sad about the end of summer, I have always felt a little hollow at the idea of having to wait another nine or ten months for my next class at The Yoga Collaborative. Thanks to the online format, I have been practicing with TYC all spring and will be able to continue, which keeps Cataumet and The Yoga Collaborative in my life all year round – a true gift!   ~ Sarah D

Restored a missing sense of balance

The Yoga Collaborative instructors and community allowed me to restore a missing sense of balance to my everyday life. Overscheduled with work, family, friends, volunteering and suddenly you realize something you haven’t focused on in too long, yourself. The Collaborative allows me to regain my balance and with that, an appreciation for all of the many joys in my life.   ~ Chelle M

Every class is wonderful

Over the years, I have taken many different classes at TYC. They are all wonderful. I have never taken anything but an excellent class at TYC.   ~ Judi R

Melissa and her team are commendable

The passion, flexibility and overall desire to continue connecting with the community that was created by Melissa and her team is commendable. During this pandemic, the need to stay connected, take care of our bodies and anxiety levels is more important now then ever.   ~ Joyce F

A good balance of yoga classes

The TYC has supported my yoga practice by offering different types of yoga. The scheduling of classes made it easy to find a couple of classes a week to get a good balance of yoga in my weekly routine.   ~ Jackie B

The aches I had went away

I began my Yoga practice after knee replacement surgery. I was also having trouble with pain down my legs and had been diagnosed with severe arthritis in the lower back. As an active retiree I do ballroom dancing, biking, kayaking, and other sports and did not want to lose my ability to do the things that I enjoy. My knee became increasingly more bendable and the aches that I was experiencing gradually went away.   ~ Mel S

I can once more touch my toes

I am a beginner to yoga. Started it as a retirement activity – so late in life. Since starting yoga I can once more touch my toes, put my socks on standing-up, look through the back window when backing-up the car, easily pick stuff of the floor, get in and out of my Camry comfortably.   ~ Ralph S

Peace and enjoyment

I have gone to other studios in the Boston area but none have given me the peace and enjoyment that I have gotten at the Yoga Collaborative.   ~ Dr. D

The Yoga Collaborative is supportive

The Yoga Collaborative has been supportive of my yoga practice since the first day I walked in the studio door a few years ago. The greeting was warm, genuine and engaging. Any apprehension I felt walking into my first class disappeared quickly.   ~ Kate W