Hello TYC Friends-
This morning as I came into my first downward dog, I noticed the two worn treads where my feet have rooted in countless downward dogs. To the front of the mat, to the back of the mat, hold steady and still – all of these movements both physically and mentally through good times and bad made me realize that we have each moved a marathon’s length (at least!) and that we are all in fact endurance athletes.

If your first reaction was a disbelieving snort, think back to the very near past of these last five months to the present moment. Each day has required extra propulsion to take care of ourselves physically while we’ve also been training mentally like endurance athletes: focusing on the positive, visualizing a way through, planning for setbacks, finding ways to relieve stress and resting when we can. Despite the daily victories and losses, these things keep us afloat and functioning for our families, for our friends and for ourselves even when the world seems on fire.

As you read last week, it is not uncommon to lose one’s way in this maze of days. That is why we need to look for support and help both within as well as outside of ourselves. Different perspectives can offer comfort when we are low, support when we feel weak and bouyancy when we feel steady.
We encourage you to lean in and lean on your community here at TYC for the reinforcement, energy and perspective to guide you to and through each day to the next.

Join us at your computer, on your mat, or atop your meditation cushion.
We love you. We feel you. We see you.
Keep on shining-
Melissa and your TYC Tribe