An important message to our TYC friends:

Dear Friends-
It was a beautiful Summer season as we welcomed friends new and old both online and outside. We have missed seeing all of your faces and feel so grateful that our love of what we do now gets to bring us back together and connect folks coming from all walks of life regardless of where they are geographically.
Thank you!

As much as we have always enjoyed gathering together in person, it has been both eye-opening and heartening to experience this expansion into collaborating online as a community. We are excited to welcome a Fall where the seasons are no longer a boundary to see our friends from all over the globe. We invite you all to come practice with us online together!
Over these past 6 months we have all achieved both the most difficult and the most natural act of life: to evolve in the midst of great difficulty. I owe this to our practice which has provided consistent reminders to look, pause, mine the depths and then act choosing the path of least harm and fullest purpose.

As we’ve all written and re-written our new normals to come to this wobbly grace-filled place in time, the realization is that we’ve all changed- it’s inevitable. In accepting this, we’ve thought long and hard about how to best continue to grow, maintain our core values, and serve you. We realize that evolving entails freeing up ourselves of what no longer serves us or our community.

We are teachers who are dedicated to learning, practicing and teaching.
With that said, I have some news to share. We have decided to let go of our physical space at 75 County Road. Rather than investing further in a dormant space, we’re shifting our focus towards operating as the TYC that you know and love 100% online.

Please know that this decision did not come easily. If time and circumstance could have allowed me to tell you in person, I would have. The reality is that holding on to our physical space is not sustainable. All of our beloved, valued and committed staff and teachers respect and honor your hearts and decisions to make TYC your home away from home. We believe that home is where your heart is and we are so glad that it no longer takes four walls to provide our warmth and offer you a path to enjoy and experience the home of both your mind and body. Our staff has been amazing, open and resilient. They are ready to share and make more memorable moments for you as we grow together separated only by consequence but unified wholly by innovation, commitment, and our common love of this practice.

We thank each of you for your ongoing support of TYC virtually. We have great offerings rolling out over the next couple months for you all. In addition, we are still both present and available to come to your homes for privates, small group sessions, or what other creative ideas YOU have!
Stay tuned for weekly updates via our newsletter!

With all my love and heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you who has graced our doors at 75 County Rd.

-Melissa and Your TYC Tribe