Hello Friends,
Dare I say that it was actually a refreshing departure from the norm to have a rainy and slightly soggy weekend? Along with the many projects waiting for such a day to arrive, there was also the cooler temps that were made for cuddling under a blanket with the window open while watching a movie.
Right now, as you might have noticed, I’ve been searching for pick-me-ups. In addition to books and music, I went to one of my all time favorite movies, The Sound of Music, for some warmth. At first the movie seems an idyllic, technicolor world. As the plot unfolds, wrapped within the beautiful scenery lies the span of the human condition filled with fear, doubt, jealousy, manipulation, anger, joy, love, hope,….and a whole lot of memorable tunes. One of the most striking scenes from the movie was when Maria’s conflicted feelings for her employer brings her back to the abbey that she serves with. In her confession to the Mother abbess, the Mother sees both Maria’s heart and her conflict and provides her with the advice, “Maria, these walls were not meant to shut out problems. You have to face them. You have to live the life you were born to live.”
Our lives right now as endurance athletes, superheros, mothers, fathers, friends, co-workers, teachers, humans, could use the same gentle reminder as Maria was given. We need to look fully at our old boundaries, borders, ideas, labels, and knowledge with new eyes to assess how to yield or progress upon any given path.

Susan Maddigan (our chair yoga instructor) sent us this hilarious and thought- provoking picture (above) that her daughter snapped. It doesn’t matter if you are slaying dragons, teaching your 2nd grader math, attempting to speak to your partner with an ounce more patience, or leaping over tall buildings in a single bound. The truth is that we all need time to recharge, feel the ground under our hands and feet and delve into our practice with openess and honesty. Yoga provides us the opportunity to create space both physically and mentally, but that space is not made to push away what is uncomfortable. When we practice, the brick and mortar fade and we are left holding court with ourselves. We clear the deck to see exactly what cards we are playing and if and how we are letting life play us. At times it can feel excrutiating and painful, but as we continue to see with eyes wide open, it all becomes a little less scary. There is a moment to breath, and then there is time to act rather than react.

As you peel away the blanket of the weekend, remember to make time to practice like the superhero that you are.

Look, listen, remember and act with courage, curiosity, honesty, and maybe a show tune.

We are with you beyond the walls.
Sharon and your TYC Tribe