Melissa discovered yoga at age 20 when she was living in Colorado. “I realized that my practice enabled my busy mind to slow down while giving my body the strength and flexibility to do all that I demanded of it. After having my son in 2008, I realized I needed yoga more than ever. I immersed myself in a 200-hour teacher training program. I lean on yoga for my spirituality and to create that peace inside while living in such a stimulating world. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and love of yoga with my students. I focus on alignment and helping students understand their own body. My outgoing and approachable personality often shines through in my classes. I am also a level 1 Kundalini instructor as well as a hatha 200 hour teacher.

Client Testimonial ~

I was so impressed with Melissa Lorusso that I urged my husband to start attending Melissa’s classes.  He is quite proud that he can now touch his toes and turn around effortlessly when driving. 

Melissa is passionate about what she does.  She is very knowledgeable about the human body and is eager to pass along what she knows to her students in an interesting, not bombastic manor.
 Melissa wants to be able to address the needs of each of her students individually.  Rather than having us parrot her actions, she gives verbal instructions on how to accomplish a stretch, watches how we react and then gives individual suggestions on how to optimize the stretch. She makes it clear that each body is different and that what works for one person make not work for everyone. In class she was able to more directly adjust our postures to be more effective. However, even on Zoom, she carefully watches each participant and makes suggestions individually. 

– Mel S