I discovered yoga after 30 years of wear and tear on my body from running races, triathlons and the Boston Marathon. Like most runners, I was introduced to a hot yoga class. I soon discovered the mind/body connection as well as the healing benefits of yoga. I sought out many different styles of yoga, trying Kripalu, Iyengar, Ashtanga and Yin Yoga. I’ve completed 2 different 200 hour yoga trainings, one with David Vendetti at South Boston Yoga and another with Sheryl Light of Open Studio’s.
In addition, I have participated in many workshops and trainings with instructors:
Rolf Gates, Coral Brown, Sadie Nardini, Tommy Rosen, Tias Little, Tao Prochon Lynch to name a few.
I also have completed the following:
50 hour training with Josh Summers
65 hour training with Amy Weintraub
30 hour training with Tri Yoga Boston (yoga for Parkinson’s)
SUP training at Sanctuary Studio
I feel fortunate to work with people of all ages and backgrounds to help increase their mobility, flexibility and to add strength to their minds, bodies and spirits.