Molly has been studying and practicing yoga on and off for half of her life. What started as a physical practice eventually grew to encompass all facets of her life and has unfolded into a life’s work. Molly is passionate about sharing this transformative practice and has been traveling the world to study and learn from teachers of various backgrounds and lineages for a number of years. She has traveled extensively throughout Southeast Asia, where her teaching journey began, and continues to immerse herself in diverse cultural experiences, drawing from them the inspiration for many of her offerings. 
Molly’s classes are both challenging and playful with an emphasis on alignment and she encourages you to move compassionately as you tap into the innate wisdom of your body. It is her belief that the physical practice transcends the body and connects us with the spirit of our authentic and highest Selves. Through her teaching, she hopes to create a safe container for intuitive self expression and exploration.