Do I need to be flexible?

No, yoga will increase your flexibility. Most people come to yoga to create flexibility. I find with all the years I have practiced yoga, flexibility still comes and goes, I honor that, today’s body is different than yesterday and will be different tomorrow.

Should I be physically fit?

No, you just need your body, your mind and a bit of curiosity.

Do I need a mat?

No, we offer Manduka Pro Lite and Manduka Pro mat’s at The Yoga Collaborative for free .

Why do yoga teachers adjust me?

We often adjust you to help your body get deeper into a pose or gain more alignment from your body.

Do you accept credit cards?

All instructors can take all major credit cards for TYC passes and drop in’s.

You will need to check with each individual instructor if they accept credit cards for the instructor pass.

Should I eat before class?

Practicing yoga is best done when a meal has been consumed two to three hours before class. A light snack 30 minutes to an hour prior is ok.

Do I need a towel for hot classes and what should I wear?

Some students like to have a towel on top of their mat or close by. Wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict movement.