Access our online classes in 4 easy steps!
Step 1: Set up an account on the website:  You will be asked to provide an e-mail and personal password of your choosing.  Zoom is a video sharing portal that helps us to share our filming with you!

Step 2: Register for your class as you normally do online through Mindbody.  Select “book” for the class you would like to ‘zoom’.  This will officially sign you up and pay for the online class.  Please note that if you do not cancel within 2 hours of the class time, you will be charged.

Step 3: Once we see you signed up on the MindBody roster we will email you the zoom meeting ID and passcode. This will enable you to “join the meeting” (attend the virtual class). Please, sign up at least 30 minutes prior to class to assure that Melissa can send you an ID code for that class via email to you.

Step 4: Here’s the fun part!  Beginning 15 minutes before the class you will be able to log into the class via zoom! You will see your friendly instructor and other other classmates on your screen waiting to interact! During class if you have a noisy background please mute yourself. This is interactive, you can talk to the instructor and she can talk back!

 We understand that there will be learning and hiccups along the way but that is why we do what we do.  Our practice aids us to engage humbly and expansively to all things in all ways!  Don’t be shy to ask for support!

Do I need to be flexible?

No, yoga will increase your flexibility. Most people come to yoga to create flexibility. I find with all the years I have practiced yoga, flexibility still comes and goes, I honor that, today’s body is different than yesterday and will be different tomorrow.

Should I be physically fit?

No, you just need your body, your mind and a bit of curiosity.

Do I need a mat?

No, we offer Manduka Pro mat’s at The Yoga Collaborative for free .

Why do yoga teachers adjust me?

We often adjust you to help your body get deeper into a pose or gain more alignment from your body.

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept VISA and MASTERCARD  credit cards only. And of course cash or check!

Should I eat before class?

Practicing yoga is best done when a meal has been consumed two to three hours before class. A light snack 30 minutes to an hour prior is ok.

Do I need a towel for hot classes and what should I wear?

Some students like to have a towel on top of their mat or close by. Wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict movement.