One of the latest innovations in yoga practice is something called “SUP” yoga, or stand-up paddle board yoga. It is an amazing hybrid of stand-up paddle boarding and yoga, and it is being described as an excellent core workout. Practitioners of SUP yoga find the peacefulness of floating on water to be an amazing complement to the meditative vibe of yoga.

We have been offering SUP (stand up paddle board) yoga classes since the summer of 2012! If this is something you’ve never tried, get ready for something new for your summer! An incredible core workout, peaceful practice and tons of fun, you won’t be sorry!

The reason that SUP yoga is such a great workout is that it is much more challenging to maintain balance on a paddle board than on a yoga mat; the muscles must work harder, and there’s the added dimension of staying afloat while maintaining yoga poses on the board. This can be very challenging, and you’ll definitely feel the burn and tone up quickly. As for the learning curve — the good news is that if you take a spill, you’ll have a “soft” landing in the water!

With SUP yoga, you’ll have to work much harder at maintaining balance than while doing yoga on a flat surface. Experienced practitioners will likely have developed great core strength to draw from. However, even for dedicated students, getting started with SUP yoga will no doubt be a challenge, shifting one’s yoga practice into overdrive.

Take the time to appreciate everything about this experience — the water, the sunshine, the yoga, and being out in nature. This is a unique, restorative opportunity. There’s nothing quite like yoga OR paddle boarding to ease stress and lift one’s mood, and combining the two has a truly blissful effect.

SUP yoga is making a big a splash in the yoga community, and some die-hard practitioners even choose to do SUP yoga year round, in cold weather. SUP yoga can be challenging, but the benefits are huge. It’s a great workout if you want to tone up and boost your balance, and doing it all on a stand-up paddle board is a very exhilarating experience.