A little about the instructors leading classes at The Yoga Collaborative:




Fall 2014

Elaine is a physical therapist and yoga teacher whose classes have been described as fun and nurturing. Elaine is passionate about the healing benefits of a consistent yoga practice. She believes that yoga is a tool to keep one grounded and focused on those things that are most important in life. Elaine completed her 200 hour teacher training at the Sanctuary Yoga Studio in Plymouth. She also holds a doctoral degree in Physical Therapy.





Sara Hubbard first stepped onto her yoga mat in 2010, looking for a way to complement running and weight training. It didn’t take long into her journey to find that yoga had so much more to offer than just the physical aspects. She came to appreciate the calming and spiritual qualities of yoga, and the sense of feeling balanced and at peace after each practice. Over the years, yoga has built up both her mental and physical strength and flexibility. In 2014, she completed a 200-hour certification through Open Doors to deepen her practice and expand her yoga knowledge so that she could share her experience and inspire others. She hopes to guide students of all levels through a strong physical and mindful practice. Outside of her mat she enjoys running, traveling and spending time with her Yellow Lab and Swissy on Cape Cod.



Yoga headshot

Ingrid began practicing yoga as a young adult in order to maintain the strength and flexibility that she developed as a gymnast.  She soon realized that yoga was not just a physical practice, but it also helped relieve her anxiety. In 2001, Ingrid moved to Cape Cod and began working in the fitness industry as a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer. She started teaching a weekly yoga class at her gym, and has been teaching yoga ever since.  Her style is relaxed, accommodating, and inclusive.  Ingrid has worked with students of all ages and ability levels, and she provides modifications so that everyone has a chance to participate.  She infuses her classes with a blended style that includes vinyasa, moderate hatha, yin yoga, and meditation. She holds a 200 hour yoga instructor certification and currently teaches at several locations throughout Cape Cod.




For over 20 years, Jennifer has been an avid practitioner of wellness, yoga, and the art of living in peace. A native of Falmouth and Certified Yoga Teacher, Jennifer has taught and lived throughout the U.S. Her classes are guided in a spontaneous and intuitive manner, where she enjoys sharing a joyful and engaging presence with her students. As a Holistic Health Practitioner, Jennifer offers Integrated Wellness Coaching, Spiritual Counseling and Energy Healing Sessions to clients in person and via phone. Jennifer grew up as an Innkeeper on Vineyard Sound & Falmouth Harbor, helping her family run their Bed & Breakfast in season for 22 years. She was an active athlete and runner at Falmouth High School and graduated magna cum laude from Babson College. She has worked in Boston, New York City, and Southern California in the fields of Equity Research, Management Consulting, and Corporate Finance. She also holds an active Real Estate License. Jennifer has been described by students as “having a special gift as a remarkable Spiritual Guide whom is truly inspirational and has a way of combing peacefulness and laughter in her classes”.




Melissa discovered yoga at age 20 when she was living in Colorado. “I immediately realized that my practice enabled my busy mind to slow down while giving my body the strength and flexibility to do all that I demanded of it.After having my son in 2008, I realized I needed yoga more than ever. I immersed myself in a 200-hour teacher training program at the Sanctuary Yoga Studio in Plymouth. I lean on yoga for my spirituality and to create that peace inside while living in such a stimulating world. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and love of yoga with my students. I focus on alignment and helping students understand their own body. My outgoing and approachable personality often shines through in my classes. My practice has been ignited by many teachers including Ana Forrest.” She continue’s to take advanced trainings and workshops as much as possible and is currently working on a 500 hour certification.



Marge Maurukas became fully immersed in the practice of yoga following breast cancer treatment in 2004. She taught Vinyasa yoga for 10 years prior to moving to the Cape full time 2 years ago. She has been teaching outdoor yoga in the summer at Coonamessett Farm for 8 summers.

Primarily a Vinyasa-style practitioner and teacher, she has also studied restorative, addiction, and trauma sensitive approaches to the yoga practice.

Her primary teaching influences emphasize intuitive movement with steady, mindful, and tranquil intention



Niisa has been an instructor for over 15 years and loves teaching people how to heal and restore themselves, giving them power over their own health and wellness.  Starting out as a Pilates instructor and personal trainer, she continued to discover more methods and techniques to help students become stronger, develop better self awareness, and achieve balance in their lives.  This experience inspired her to pursue a 200 hour Kripalu/Pranakriya Yoga Teacher Certification and a 500 hour certification in the Pranakriya tradition.  Niisa is also a certified instructor with Balance Body/Pilates Reformer, Power Pilates, Barre Above, Resist-A-Ball, AAAI/ISMA, AFAA, HealthyMoms Pre/Postnatal Fitness, Pranakriya Prenatal Yoga, and YogaEd Kids Yoga.  Additionally, she is co-creator and Director of the Advanced Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training for the Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts and adjunct faculty at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. Currently, she is completing certifications in yoga therapy, doula birth support, and plant based nutrition



Sharon is a native of Belmont, MA and spent her collegiate career being trained as a classical musician. Never regarding herself as remotely athletic, she eventually found yoga in 2006 with the invitation from her sisters, after overcoming a series of personal losses.

Sharon’s practice evolved into volunteering at the studio which eventually led to becoming an assistant and teacher at the Baptiste Power Yoga Studios in Boston. She received her 200 hour training under Baron Baptiste and her 500 hour training under Rolf Gates. Sharon recently trained in yoga and 12 step recovery with Nikki Meyers and is working on fulfilling her certification with ChildLight Yoga to bring yoga to children. Off the mat she is a beekeeper, gardener, marathoner, lover of books, budding writer and has a passion for cooking, observing, and cycling as well as raising her best teacher, her toddler son who reminds her to be present.




Michele has been practicing yoga for more than 12 years. As a child, she was a gymnast and dancer who loved the freedom and meditation of such movement. As she grew older, she missed the physical and mental centering that her earlier experiences brought her. Originally, that is what drew her to yoga. Today, her practice has expanded and deepened after years of learning from several gifted and knowledgeable teachers. In July 2013, she completed an intensive 200-hour teaching certification program through The Yoga Paradigm in Nosara, Costa Rica.  She enjoys helping students discover for themselves the physical and mental benefits of yoga.  Off the mat, Michele is a writer and English teacher. In her free time, she is outside as much as possible enjoying everything nature offers.



George Peterson is a Certified Vedic Educator through Deepak Chopra’s Center for Wellbeing. He teaches Primordial Sound Mediation, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, and the Perfect Health Ayurvedic Lifestyle.  Before his involvement with the Chopra Center, George was regularly making unhealthy decisions for his mind, body and spirit. Then after educating himself on Deepak Chopra’s practices for wellbeing,  he began incorporating more meditation and yoga into his life. Then by March of 2012 Deepak Chopra’s teachings had made such a drastic impact on George, that he decided to go to the Chopra Center’s signature meditation and yoga retreat known as “Seduction of Spirit”. At Seduction of Spirit, he learned the practice of Primordial Sound Meditation and afterwards made the decision to make this practice a substantial part of his daily routine. George then went on and became a certified teacher of Primordial Sound Meditation in June 2013 , a certified Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga teacher in November 2014, and a Perfect Health Ayurvedic Lifestyle Educator in February 2015. After learning to teach these practices, he currently teaches Meditation, Perfect Health, and Yoga to students who are interested in physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Through his deep dedication to a yogic life and daily practice, George aims in his teaching to touch the lives of many by providing them with a simple spiritual toolkit that can help all awaken, heal and transform their lives.  




Dawn Spunzo is a graduate of the Kind Yoga School 200 Hour Teacher Training Program and teaches Chair, Yin & Mindfulness Meditation and Hatha yoga. Her objective is to lead and encourage groups of all ages and levels to experience the mental and physical benefits of yoga and bring attention to proper alignment, the breath and balancing Yang movement with Yin stillness. You can find more about her on her website www.thedawnofyoga.com.