Kids Yoga with Miss Tami



classes offered weekly April 1st through June 30th




Children are natural yogis and yoginis! Yoga for Children recognizes the uniqueness of each child, providing a safe, nurturing, non-competitive space in which students are encouraged to maintain the awareness of their inner spirits, strengthen bodies and minds, connect with others and experience joy and learning in a peace filled environment. Classes are structured and paced to meet each child where he or she is developmentally. We celebrate these precious beings as they are; perfect in every way! 

My Tot and Me: Crawling to 2 Years of Age 

MONDAYS: 9:30  10:30 am

A tot centered class for child and parent (or caregiver) filled with fun for the active toddler. This class utilizes music, song, sign language and stories in combination with modeling and practicing of yoga postures and principles. Tots and parents enjoy time to bond, laugh, learn, play and experience yoga together.

Preschool Yoga 2 ½ to 5 years (child only)

MONDAYS: 4:15 – 5:15 pm

An active fun filled class centered on yoga principles and postures. Each class is enhanced with sign language, song, music, movement, story telling and games which naturally encourage children to strengthen cognitive, emotional, social and physical development. Lessons providing opportunities for building confidence, communication skills, self awareness, self discipline, stress reduction and relaxation are interwoven through each joy filled class.

 My Preschooler and Me  2-5 years (parent/caregiver participation required)

TUESDAYS: 9:30-10:30 am

This active fun filled class is for preschoolers and their parent or caregiver to enjoy together.  Each yoga inspired class uses song, music, sign language, storytelling and games to introduce yogic principles and guide children and their adults through poses, meditation and relaxation.  It is a time to leave all worries behind and celebrate silliness, laughter and experience the world through a preschooler’s eyes.  Fun is our main priority! Join our class and experience the many benefits of practicing yoga with your preschooler!

The Kids Karma Project:  K-6th Grades

TUESDAYS: 4-5 pm

We all want good Karma, where our good deeds and good intent result in positive vibes and future happiness! In an ever changing, stress filled and highly stimulating world this class provides space for children to connect, play, learn and practice yoga principles and postures in an environment of joy, acceptance and peace. Each week, students will learn a specific principle of yoga based on Patanjali’s Yamas (attitudes and values) and Niyamas (personal healthy habits). They will focus on bringing mindfulness to their everyday lives and interactions in the quest of becoming the best they can be! We will share ways to spread these good vibes in our community. The session will culminate in the children choosing organizations or activities to support these yoga and karmic principles allowing our offerings of giving back to flow positively in to our community. Children from North Falmouth Elementary can travel on Bus 23 to Ward Street, Morse Pond students can ride Bus 23 to the corner of Old Main and County Rd, where they will be greeted by Miss Tami for play at Nye Park, snack (provided by parents) and a short walk to The Yoga Collaborative for yoga, songs, crafts and more! Limited to ten students.

ABOUT MISS TAMI12932595_10209333608596560_7366929891719910877_n

All classes will be taught by Tami McGeough. Tami has been a well loved Montessori teacher in the Falmouth area for the past seven years. She has been a Montessori early childhood teacher for twenty five years and has a vast array of expertise in children’s yoga, child development, nutrition, executive functioning skills and education. Tami is a registered lead teacher with the Department of Early Education and Care, CPR and First Aid certified, certified and registered as a children’s yoga instructor through Radiant Child Yoga. She has dedicated her life to helping children and families reach their greatest social, emotional, cognitive and physical potentialities. Her nurturing child centered philosophy and positive, energetic personality brings joy, connection and fun to all her classes and students